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Lynn Reddick


The Power of Blessing One-Day Seminar

Learning How to Bless People That Changes Lives

Linda & Lynn Reddick
Demonstrating the Blessing

Lynn & Linda Reddick have been teaching people how to bless one another for the past 12 years in 43 States in the US, as well as Israel, The Netherlands, France, India, Canada, Haiti, and New Zealand. More than 30,000 people have attended their seminars and countless others have read their best-selling book on the power of spoken blessings, The 2 Minute Miracle.

Uncover Your Hidden Potential—the Power of Words to Change Lives

Here are a few things you will discover during your day with Lynn and Linda:

  • How to remove major and persistent obstacles, familiar detours, and annoying delays that block your own blessings
  • A roadmap that will unlock your inheritance
  • How to impact the lives of other people, often in a matter of minutes
  • Deeper meaning in your life
  • Seemingly impossible situations turned around.


Inqueries for Seminars:

To inquire about a seminar near you, email  or call 912-531-1944. Also, if you are interested in having the Reddicks teach and demonstrate the Power of Blessing in your area, please contact them.








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